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Are you in search of the luck of the Irish? Look no further as Newport, Oregon is the place to get lucky.


Please join us in the celebration of the Irish here at the Inn at Nye Beach. Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day was originally intended to be a feast in honor of St. Patrick? Nana’s Irish Pub certainly did and they invite you to join them in celebration of their cultural traditions of great food, and a merry good time. Nana’s Irish Pub is centrally located a short two blocks away from our Inn, and is hosting an Irish Bash! With live music presented by St. James Gate, delectable Irish food, and perhaps the luck of the Irish will inspire you to join in and do a jig or two.


Join us here in beautiful Newport, Oregon


The waves are crashing with the epic sound of the power of nature. Can’t you feel the sand between your toes as you walk hand in hand with the one you love? Do you feel the warm sun folding into night, as it sets to one of the most spectacular sunset’s imaginable? We can and would love to invite you to join us here in beautiful Newport, Oregon as we celebrate the month of true loves first kiss.